A New Chemical Peel with ZO Skin Health

By October 11, 2015Products, Treatments

We’ve recently been fine-tuning an exciting new retinol protocol using ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi. It’s like a chemical peel that you apply at home over five days and the results are amazing! When I finished my course, my skin was smooth, glowing and poreless.

If you can’t commit to the downtime or the cost of IPL or sublative, this is a great alternative. We’re still working out the exact treatment plan and we’re all trying it out, so we can personalise the protocol for each specific skin type. I love chemical peels and went full-force with the products, but that’s definitely not for everyone!

If you saw me last month while I was on this program, you’ll remember how much I was flaking. But even at my flakiest, I had clients demanding this treatment immediately because they could see how smooth and clear my skin was underneath. Stay tuned as we perfect this procedure!