IPL vs Non-ablative? Why Not Have Both Treatments

By November 29, 2015Beauty Tips, Treatments

I’ve been getting questions about the differences between non-ablative and IPL treatments and, while they each have their strengths, I actually love to use them together! If the client is up for it, I’ll often start with IPL and then follow up with non-ablative. That way we’re treating everything from redness to texture to fine lines to laxity.

Realistically, no one has skin issues that can be handled by a single form of treatment. You can choose to focus on a single issue each season, or you can let us form a strategy to tackle a number of issues during a single visit.

To be honest, I have a program that combines three treatments, which I call “The Trinity”: RF tightening, IPL and non-ablative… all in the same visit. After this, you’ll definitely want to have a solid week of downtime, but after a few weeks… you will look amazing!

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