My Skincare Routine When Flying

Did you know I was in Japan a few weeks ago? I wanted to get a fresh perspective on skincare advances and I love travelling. What I don’t love, however, is flying.

Cabin air is awful – recycled, dry and thick. It really stresses out your skin and I couldn’t show up to a skincare course with dull, dehydrated skin! So even though I’m a light packer (carry-on only!), I made sure to bring some skincare essentials for the flight and trip.

I packed Jan Marini’s Bio-glycolic Cleanser, retinol and eye cream, as well as my absolute favourite serum right now, the IS Pro-health Serum. For the flight itself I brought the Swissline Virtual Mask, which is the same one I use on nearly everyone who has a facial. It’s so nourishing and deeply hydrating – a perfect defence against icky airplane air. I think everyone who flies a lot or is taking a long-haul flight needs to consider doing a skincare regimen during the flight to ensure your skin is looking impossibly refreshed and bright when you land.

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