Numbing for Non-Ablative Treatments

By November 22, 2015Beauty Tips, Treatments

So, when I said that non-ablative treatments aren’t the most comfortable in my earlier post, I meant that most people find it painful. In fact, we numb everyone for this, which takes up the bulk of the time for this treatment. The treatment itself is only about 10 minutes, but you’ll need around 45 minutes for the numbing cream to take full effect.

The sensation isn’t like IPL or hair removal lasering (which is like a rubber band snapping against your skin). This will register deeper and will leave your skin feeling like you slept outside in full sun for hours. Don’t worry, it’s all normal and part of the rejuvenationi process!

The treatment will leave extremely tiny dots all over the treated area – again, this is normal. Some areas will also be swollen and flushed. This will last four to five days and you may want to schedule down time while your skin recovers. But after a week, I promise that your skin will look smoother and years younger!