Peeling: Unavoidable but Manageable!

By October 25, 2015Beauty Tips, Products, tips

There are a lot of questions regarding peeling after the post about the ZO procedure earlier this month! My face was actually in a very active state of exfoliation during the Istoria conference and I’m sure there were a lot of people wondering what was happening to my skin!

Because this procedure is encouraging new skin underneath to come up to the top, the old surface skin is going to start shedding at a faster rate. For some, it’ll be lots of little flakes; for others it could be larger sections lifting at once. It’s all good, trust me!

While peeling/flaking is unavoidable, it can be managed. I have four recommendations to help keep this part of the procedure as minimal and comfortable as possible:
1. Stay hydrated! Drink lots and lots of water.
2. Take Ascenta omega-3 oil. This is a concentrated form of omega-3 specially formulated for the skin that will cut down the inflammation and minimise overall peeling.
3. When skin is ready for a gentle nudge, use Phytomer vegetal exfoliant, a creamy chemical exfoliator that will “eat” away at the excess skin cells.
4. When skin is ready for a bigger nudge, use ZO Skin Health Offects exfoliating scrub to polish away the last of the flakes.