‘Tis the Season for (Non-ablative) Resurfacing!

By November 15, 2015Beauty Tips, Treatments

Now that there’s a tiny bit of a breather in most people’s schedules, we’re getting a lot of requests for resurfacing treatments like non-ablative (or Sublative). This is a kind of laser treatment that’s perfect if you have wrinkles, fine lines, scars or large pores.

It’s not the most comfortable treatment we have, but I have clients who are addicted to this! They love the results because it’s like someone’s completely resurfaced your skin and made it plump and smooth again.

By using radio frequency technology, we can perform fractional resurfacing and deliver miniscule columns of heat below the surface of the skin. Your skin is kick-started into healing itself, promoting collagen production and faster skin renewal.

We can treat your entire face (minus eyes and lips) or target specific areas like your forehead or crow’s feet. The downtime for this is four-five days and even less if you’re just doing a small area.