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enVy - The COPPER Pillow Slip Protector - Queen Size Pillow

enVy - The COPPER Pillow Slip Protector - Queen Size Pillow

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Whether you're sleeping in your own bed, a stranger's bed or a hotel bed... Slip into a Safer Sleep by placing the enVy COPPER pillow liner (under your own pillowcase) -- and rest easy!

Our Canadian-Made enVy COPPER Pillow liner is made from sustainable TENCEL™ and utilizes our cutting edge enVy COPPER technology. Its superbug killing properties have been tested (AATCC-100) and shows a 99.9% germ kill even AFTER 100 home washings.

Lab Results on Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) show:

  • ✓ 50% kill on contact 
  • ✓ 85% kill within 1 hour
  • ✓ 99.9% kill in 24 hours

The COPPER infusion technique provides 100% complete COPPER saturation to the matrix of the sustainable fabric leaving NO gaps or untreated areas. Other COPPER technologies use infused yarn to weave with non-copper yarn which offers as little as 5% coverage leaving untreated areas to be vulnerable to nasty pathogen invasion. Furthermore, our fully treated and permanently infused fabrics provide continuous release of COPPER ions to do their germ killing job 24/7!

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