Brazilian Waxing

Don’t be scared! Joy Stewart was actually the person who brought brazilian waxing accreditation to BC 20 years ago. Her knowledge and experience was and remains unsurpassed. Using a special technique, this will feel more comfortable than you think!

Brazilian waxing traditionally involves going completely bare in the public region (labia and inner buttocks). But, if you’d prefer to keep a little landing strip or V-strip, no worries. Some people like to retain a little personality down there. A typical Brazilian waxing session takes approximately half an hour.

The final result is ultra soft and smooth skin that’s non-irritated and less prone to ingrown hairs. Anything that’s not removed from the waxing (that you want gone) will be taken care of with tweezers. How long this lasts really depends on your personal hair re-growth rate, but you can generally expect results to remain for 10-21 days.