Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Intense Pulse Light laser treatment (also known as photo-rejuvenation or photofacial) uses intense pulses of light aimed below the epidermis. Blood vessels and collagen are targeted, causing them to restrict, reducing wrinkles and redness on the surface. This is an excellent anti-aging treatment to address fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and texture.

Downtime is anywhere from one to three weeks. Generally, the more hyper-pigmentation (brown spots) you have, the longer the downtime. During this time you must protect your skin from UV rays to prevent further sun damage while your skin is in healing mode. Apply sun protection with a minimum of SPF 30.

Some may find this an uncomfortable procedure. It will feel like small rubber bands snapping at your face repeatedly – uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. Your facial will end with a healing masque and serum, so rest assured your face will be soothed by the time you leave.