RF Skin Tightening & Contouring

Radiofrequency (RF) facials will tone, tighten and contour, so they’re excellent for “lifting” areas of the face and body that you’d prefer were a little more taut. You can treat your face to create a more sculpted look (lift the apples of your cheeks, tighten loose skin around the neck, etc.) or treat your entire body to mimic 5,000 hours at the gym (flatter stomach, smoother legs, etc.).

The process involves applying a conductive gel over the target area and then passing a conductor over to work its RF magic. The sensation is warm and otherwise entirely pleasant and pain-free with no downtime. Results from a single session can last up to a month, but with repeated monthly visits, your muscle memory will allow you to retain results for up to a year or longer, and you’ll only need a single session annually to maintain results.