Pico Laser

With PicoSure, we can target pigmentation almost anywhere on the body with few limitations. We treat melasma, sun damage, post-surgical scars and even bug bites; we reduce pore size and wrinkles.

The Pico Laser is named after the picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second. That's how long the pulse duration is. Using dual wavelengths, this technology is able to shatter pigmentation in a picosecond.

There are different systems for delivering this therapy and atĀ Touch of Joy, we've partnered with PicoSureĀ®, which is the pioneer in pico technology.

And this isn't just for the face - we've treated discoloured underarms and bikini areas, backs and legs. This technology is incredibly nimble and versatile, and highly customizable.

Most people find the experience anywhere from relaxing to slightly more intense than IPL. But your therapist will work quickly and we do offer a directed cooling air system that helps offset any immediate discomfort.

The PicoSure is available for single treatments although we recommend the Pico Facial (two hours).