Who We Are

Preserving beauty should be healthy and natural.

Touch of Joy is all about skin health. It’s not sexy, it’s not glamorous, but you’ll be amazed at the results – because healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Joy and her team promote a holistic approach that reflects the best practices internationally. They feature techniques and knowledge gained from a variety of cultures and countries. What you’ll find at Touch of Joy is a uniquely curated collection of treatments that aren’t just the best in Vancouver or Canada, but around the world. This includes LPG Endermologie® from France, the best Brazilian waxing north of the equator, and brightening methods (to treat hyperpigmentation & melasma) from Asia that can offer a viable alternative to laser.

When you walk into Touch of Joy, you’re entering a world of expert knowledge, pre-eminent care, gracious generosity and possibly life-changing counselling. Your skin analysis goes far beyond the superficial – your entire, cumulative lifestyle is taken into consideration when determining your best course of treatments. Everything from ethnicity, age, travel patterns, diet, climate/season, allergies, medications, etc. all factor into your skin health.

And these models on our website? Those are all real-life, bare-skin, untouched-up Touch of Joy clients!