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Bend - The Beauty Bar: Sugar Free Chocolate with Marine Collagen

Bend - The Beauty Bar: Sugar Free Chocolate with Marine Collagen

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What Makes The Beauty Bar Magical?

  • A smooth, flavourful, decadent taste with 60% organic dark chocolate ethically and sustainably sourced from small farms in Ecuador

  • Each bar provides 1,000mg of marine collagen peptides from sustainably managed fisheries

  • Sugar-free & sugar-alcohol free (NO erythritol or maltitol)

  • Rich in fibre (17g)

  • Diabetic-friendly

We’re confident this healthy indulgence will make each day a bit more beautiful. As a world first, Bend brings you a sugar-free chocolate bar loaded with beauty boosters – collagen peptides, soluble fiber, and cocoa polyphenols. Whether it’s a mid-afternoon perk or an after-dinner treat, this rich, luxurious chocolate experience will elevate the moment.

The Ecuadorian Ariba Nacional fine aroma cocoa bean used in our Beauty Bar is highly acclaimed by chocolatiers around the world and is ethically and sustainably sourced from small-scale cocoa farmers and coops. The better-than-Fair-Trade prices and deep working relationships are focused on building thriving communities.

Be the first to try the world’s first sugar-free chocolate bar infused with the magic of marine collagen.

Please note this product is currently available in Canada only.

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