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Frownies - Facial Patches for Forehead and Between Eyes

Frownies - Facial Patches for Forehead and Between Eyes

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Frownies Facial Patches Forehead and Between Eyes addresses the physical cause of facial wrinkles such as horizontal lines on the forehead and vertical lines between the eyes (sometimes called elevens).

Facial Patches are worn at night over wrinkles and creases.

The Original Wrinkle Patch Since 1889; it works!

The muscles of the face cannot move under the patch, keeping you from frowning or expressing while you sleep or any time you have the patch on. The paper patch allows the skin to breath promoting skin restoration and repair. By holding the crease flat and relaxed while you sleep the body can relax muscle memory.

You may use moisturizer under the patch be sure to let it absorb into the skin. Frownies Face and Neck Moisturizer is a great addition to the nightly practice. For over four generations Frownies Facial Patches have helped women look younger and more relaxed.





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